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My name is David & thank you for choosing Pro Landscapes. I studied horticulture, landscape design & construction in college and currently hold an MHIC license # 110409. While I consider myself a knowledgeable horticulturalist and professional landscape designer, I regularly attend workshops to continue my education and grow my skill set. This allows me to utilize the latest techniques when performing work for my clients. As an artist, and someone who can really appreciate the beauty of a fine-tuned landscape, there aren't many who can compete with my quality of work, level of education and design creativity in the field. Very few other landscapers will have gone to college for landscape design/horticulture, which puts our business and skill set ahead of the competition.

Our licenses policies include:
  • MHIC License # 110409
  • MDA-P License # 33262
  • Licensed Maryland Forester #011011
  • DOT License # 2581818
  • General Liability Policy # NPP8894562
  • Workers Comp Policy # 14WECAE3XAC
  • Commercial Auto Policy # 963615925

If you live in Dayton, MD and the surrounding 35-mile radius, call today for a free estimate at 410-940- 9664.